Bad End

I wanted to do that six selfies 2k14 thing

January 2014 - July 2014

she/they/he are all fine

GUtG character most likely to use cheesy pick-up lines on their friend(s)?

this is old but I want to answer asks about my characters

that would probably be Clarice

Which Saintly character would be most likely to fight all the others off so they can be the one to ride the single mythical creature on the merry-go-round?

Timo and Mike would fight everyone else away and then they would fight each other to the death to ride the pegasus



July 21st is the day that Mario Tennis for the N64 was released in japan, and it also marks the first appearance of Waluigi!

Happy birthday Waluigi!



I have so many teen characters sometimes I forget I have Marta and Leroy in their 30’s/40’s and when I remember I’m like “oh yeah”

it’s been 4 years and these kids are still just sitting around happily married waiting for me to work on their story

it’s been 4 years and these kids are still just sitting around happily married waiting for me to work on their story

i know that youre irritated about this guidestuck stuff, but they could have just sent you an ask from their dash and not seen the sidebar or ask box message, so they wouldnt know

to do that they would have had to have one of my posts on their dash to navigate to the ask function and I haven’t posted or reblogged anything in about 24 hours so that’s pretty unlikely I think

'they will unfollow u and u will be left alone' bc all the saintly magical people don't exist of course, you dont see them going "UPDATE?!!? ARE U EVEN WORKIN ON SAINTLY ANEEMORRE????? WOW"

it just makes me tired that’s all

also i don’t think that being sarcastic is inherently mean-spirited or rude

homestuck draw party? o:

only the best part of every con always and forever! because you get to meet up with cool friends and hang out and draw!! Who doesn’t like that

Wow, I get you're tired of Guidestuck asks but you dont need to be rude. If pages are broken that is your responsibility to fix it. The anon may not of read what your ask rules are, or may not of seen them. You always snap at your followers when it comes to Guidestuck. If it pisses you off so much then just dump Guidestuck. You obviously hate it and rather work on your own shit, so why bother continuing it? The people who love it will unfollow soon enough then and you will be left alone.

calm down

I’ve addressed the panel situation about two dozen times and it’s really not my fault if people don’t pay attention when I make it painfully clear that I don’t have anything else to say about it right now. There is almost no way that person could have not seen my askbox title. It’s both on the link in my sidebar and on the ask page itself.

That being said, I work full-time and am trying to move and I have about two thousand other, actual responsibilities. Fixing my fanfiction is like number 500,000 on my list of things to do.

I literally just updated it three weeks ago and have no intention of discontinuing it. Never once have I said that I hate it. Over 200 panels would take hours for me to fix. Hours that I do not have right now. So sit down lmao

Where and when is the homestuck draw party at otakon? I've never been to one and I'd love to go!

I’m pretty sure it’s in its usual place, on the top floor of the main hall all the way in the back/to the right? you’ll see the photoshoots taking place there during the day if things are as they’ve been the last two years. The draw party happens on saturday night usually around 11 or 12 PM.

will you have an artists alley booth at otakon or are you just wandering? id love to find you at your booth if you have one!! and maybe ill heckle a bro cosplayer into coming with me so you can have irl brocal

I always just wander, I think it’s a more fun con experience for me at this point but I may try to table in the future!

I’ll be at the homestuck draw party if you have trouble finding me. And don’t heckle anybody haha I’ve never been a fan of cosplay fanservice, I don’t need that lmao

hello, i just came to say that in guidestuck page 146 and onward ( i think ) seem to have a bit of an issue involving photobucket, sorry if you were already informed about this, but i just thought i'd let you know.

you seem to be having a bit of an issue involving reading, did you know the page of my blog where you type in your ask to me it says “do not send me an ask about Guidestuck’s panels”? sorry if you were already informed about this but I just thought I’d let you know



A few rule 63 Hiccup and Astrid, just because

and a special thanks to my friend luciand29 who gave me a great deal of help with those, and who I had the chance to know better as a person and artist :)

Dear God. I did not know I needed this.

One of the reasons I like Astrid and Hiccup is because they reverse a few stereotypes. But this is beautiful.

I’m so happy about moving out it’s like a dream

anybody out there who’s struggling with home life and just reaching and praying for that day that you can move out please don’t give up it’ll happen someday