Bad End

I watched a lot of The Sopranos while I had no internet and I’m slowly finishing the series I have like 3 episodes left now and like

while I can tell there’s no way all of the loose ends are going to be wrapped up by the end of this I just want to say that Paulie and Christopher are my life, especially Paulie

*stands in the middle of a vacant parking lot, 8 years late to the Sopranos party*

*whispers* I love Paulie so much


sometimes i look at my follower count and think “wow thats a lot of people i probably disappoint on a regular basis”

Would you rather awful people within the social justice movement not be called out?

there’s a way to call out extremists that isn’t directly supporting the opposition of all of the good things that social movements do


Charles Martinet just joined Vine, and it’s already the best thing.

Plebcomics takes very real exchanges she sees extremists have on tumblr and turns them into comic form. What she's doing is highlighting that the most social justice movements on tumblr are being subverted by these individuals.

whether that’s the case or not, it’s turned into a library of extremist action that people use to justify ignoring or opposing important social movements. She’s contributing to the subversion no matter her intention

ah yo, i really dont watch game grumps and the only jon vid i ever watched was the knockoff pokemon one but i've been thinking a lot about the way people treat content after finding out that they disagree with the creator and this was a good opportunity to see how somebody else sees it

It’s definitely something I’m seeing more of these days. People like to go “all in” with their obsessions and often it’s harmful for people to play to extremes as far as their dedication to content goes. The saddest thing is when people defend the gross choices or actions of someone they admire, or when they excuse the faults of a TV show or movie because they would feel too guilty to enjoy it otherwise.

Almost everything we enjoy is problematic in some way, but we’re not defined by what content we enjoy. The best we can do is to understand what’s wrong and to not excuse these faults but rather to address them. Otherwise how can we allow ourselves to enjoy anything?

"cunt isnt sexist" as far as im concerned its a slur

a sexist slur

To respond to plebcomics anon; it's basically a comic dedicated to taking extreme strawman versions of social justice activism, and presenting it so ridiculously that the reader's opinion becomes warped to seeing any form of it as some kind of extremist bullying.


this issue seems to be bringing up peoples issue with dislike of a creator making all their work "invalid" in some way and with something like youtube where people are bound to enjoy some of this dudes humour are gonna clash with people like you who seem to dislike this guy a lot. so what is your opinion, does a problematic creator make all of the content unenjoyable or wrong or invalid

Oh absolutely not. I love a lot of Jon’s videos and I still love a lot of old Game Grumps. I’m subscribed to Jon on Youtube and I look forward to his new content. I’m a big fan and he makes me laugh a lot.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t understand that he’s done a lot of shitty things in the past and is still doing them today. Of course I would like him to be a kind and considerate person because that’s the type of creator I would like to support, but reality begs to differ. There are a lot of artists out there who are very similar: people who make fun content and fuck up a lot in their regular lives. Hell, I’ve done it. The difference here is that some people learn from their mistakes and apologize for them and try to do better, while others don’t.

I can’t and won’t defend him for his bad choices and gross behavior. But I also can’t and won’t stop laughing at the genuinely funny and entertaining content that he manages to produce.

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How is it bad that he's said cunt? Or that he likes plebcomics?

Please see previous anon for my response to your first question

I hope you’re being facetious about plebcomics but in case you’re not they’re a very tactless and tasteless individual who likes to make comics that make fun of “sjws” from a warped, insensitive perspective

"cunt" isn't sexist

I believe it is

the word cunt as an insult is in no way equal to the word dick because of the structure of society. The idea of insulting someone by referring to them as a dick isn’t meant to dehumanize them. Ask anyone what the insult “you’re a dick” means: it means you’re rude, disgusting, hateful, mean, etc. In no way does this word rob anyone of power

"you’re a cunt" on the other hand condenses the person that it’s used on down into one body part, which has for centuries been the part of dfab anatomy that has made dfab people "weaker" in society’s eyes than dmab people. "You’re a cunt", no matter the context of its use, essentially means that on top of being rude/hateful/mean/disgusting, you have no power because of it, and you are good for only one thing.

I know he used an ableist slur but did he do anything else?

As someone who’s been watching his videos since summer of 2012 I can say with confidence that he has an extensive history of openly/unapologetically using both racial and ableist slurs (primarily the n-word and the aforementioned), as well as sexist language including repeated use of the word “cunt”. I have a feeling that he’s made transphobic remarks in the past too but I can’t remember any specific instances at this moment.

Most of this is visible in early Game Grumps, in his own videos he seems to be more careful, likely because they’re written beforehand instead of off-the-cuff as his GG run was.

He also has a lengthy history of not accepting criticism at all and turning it into a rude joke at the critic’s expense. He has never, to my knowledge, apologized for using slurs or making sexist/ableist/etc comments. He likes to say that what he says and does is for the sake of comedy and that his intentions are lost in a purely-text form, but all of us are all too familiar with that excuse, and the majority of his offenses are from videos where you can clearly hear his voice and intonation.

He tweeted a plebcomics post yesterday, too