Bad End

I should shower and get dressed now

are you going to put up the section of panels from guidestuck that are gone?

I don’t really have the time to fix it right now. You’ll have to be patient.

That being said, you should be able to see them again at the beginning of next month regardless

I had nightmares about Macs lmfao

I really need to go to sleep I’m sorry if there are any more problems

also hopefully I fixed that floating point division operation thing too by forcing all switches and variables to set to zero/off at the very beginning of the game

(The yellow squares are also in room 202, just so you know!) But omg, get some sleep, take care of yourself!

I fixed the problem and I’m updating the download sobs

oh well I guess the plus side of this is I decreased the size of the installer by about 7MB by getting rid of some of the unnecessary files from the runtime package


I don't remember seeing them on the first playthrough, but are there supposed to be yellow squares below all the chairs in the cafeteria?

oh shit no I updated the tileset something must have fucked up

I'm curious--if the saintly boys (and maybe the ladies? i don't think Emily has a mean bone in her body) were Batman villains, who would they be?

I honestly don’t think I know enough about batman to make an informed decision here but based on my memories of BTAS and the Nolan films I’m going to say

  • Toby - Penguin
  • Timo - Two-Face
  • Mike - Scarecrow
  • Tabitha - Catwoman
  • Emily - Harley Quinn
  • Angelica - Poison Ivy
i tried to play saintly but i got lost in the school i think ive reached an all time low

later versions will have a school map don’t worry

maybe I should just have everyone download wineskin and do it yourselves because I’m like a disembodied voice over here trying to move files around on a computer in another room

why do you guys have macs this is so difficult for me to do

Why would Mike be pissed off about Toby dating someone average?

because Mike thinks average people are boring and he feels like Toby deserves someone interesting

also I just found out that I might not be able to distribute this on my own because when I try to download .app files my computer wants to convert all of the files to windows-compatible files I’m